Not-for-Profit Governance

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The Board of Directors in vital to the success of a nonprofit organization. There are five key indicators of good governance:
  • A well-defined mission statement guides the organization's decision making
  • The Board is engaged and has the necessary characteristics, community connections and experience
  • The Board understands its role and responsibilities and focuses on longterm strategy and oversight of the organization
  • The Board provides support to the organization through personal giving, fundraising, friend-raising, professional expertise, and representing the organization
  • The Board has effectively allocated authority to the Executive Director and has a process for evaluating the ED based on clearly defined performance measures

Sage works with your organization's Board of Directors and Executive Director to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the above key indicators. From tweaking the Board structure and composition to overhauling how a Board views their role, Sage is able to assist your organization achieve its vision while delivering its mission.