Interim and Outsourced Services

Interim Services

One of the most critical times in an organization's life is when there is a leadership transition. Often, organizations feel pressured to fill the leadership position rapidly, at the risk of bringing in the wrong person.

Sage provides interim management services and works with your organization to develop a transition plan that maintains your organization's effectiveness while allowing you to focus on recruiting the best candidate for your organization. An interim leader also provides the opportunity for:
  • An objective review of systems, policies, and procedures
  • Identification off strengths and weaknesses
  • Smooth transition from previous leadership

Outsourced Services

Small businesses and not-for-profit organizations have the same employee issues as large companies but often can't afford the expertise of a seasoned HR professional.

Sage adds capacity to your organization by managing the strategic and tactical aspects of HR, including:
  • Assisting in the management of employees including hiring, termination, performance management and compensation
  • Delivers training and development programs to managers
  • Provides executive-level human resources expertise that improves profitability
  • Adds value to organization by allowing executives and managers to focus on their core business
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